Recovery Counselling

Frances Stone – Certified Addiction Counsellor

Frances Stone – Certified Addiction Counsellor

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My Approach to Counselling

  • Hold Space of unconditional positive regard for my client to determine their own path

  • Strengthen my client’s inner resources of self-awareness to resolve blocks to personal growth.

  • Place my client— as the expert on themselves —at the center of each session.

  • Acknowledge and celebrate the success in the present, while working towards continued success in the future.

What People Are Saying About Frances Stone,
Certified Addiction Counsellor

Frances is helpful to me in my recovery because she makes me feel safe to download information with her.

This in turn makes me feel like I’m not alone, but also helps me to work through the issues that sometimes feel to unbearable to deal with being sober. I know I have options after talking to her and devising plans to stay clean for another week.

My life has improved because I was given room with Frances to become vulnerable. I have been able to not just focus on my challenges but celebrate my successes as well. I have had to take a look at some not so pretty parts of my life but have been able to gain some acceptance and move forward.

I admire and respect Frances’ soft nature. I get a true feeling of empathy and understanding. Up until now I never trusted a counselor with any of my life details. I feared judgment and was scared to tell the absolute truth of who I was or thought I was. Even in the beginning I was like that with Frances but she helped me knock down the walls of disbelief and fear I had around seeking help.

I would absolutely recommend Frances to anyone seeking counseling. I believe she is really committed at what she does and is invested in people being able to shift, change and grow in recovery and in every aspect of their life if they are willing to put the work in.
— N.L.
Frances counseled me weekly for about five months. She helped give me a realistic perspective, set goals and make sense of emotions in situations I was struggling with regarding my sobriety. She is approachable, knowledgeable and professional. She was particularly helpful in helping me navigate the ending of a long-term relationship and doing what was best for our child.
— N.T.
Frances is the first counsellor I’ve had that’s actually taken the time to get to know me. She has a very good understanding of addiction and trauma. I also feel like she genuinely cares about helping me break free from my past.
— S.B.
Frances Stone is professional and someone who I feel profoundly safe with. She’s someone who truly cares in helping, in whatever aspect I needed guidance in. Frances gave me the space to grow, be creative, and still give me direction that helped me in my healing. I believed fully that she had my best interests in mind, she cared deeply about seeing me become my best self and live in my full potential. I would recommend her to anyone looking to reach the next step of healing and get to the root of any dis-ease or suffering.
— E.S.
Upon first meeting Frances, her compassion, confidence and empathy was evident from the start. She utilizes a combination of education, training and real life experience in order to suit an individual’s specific needs and path. Frances is firm in her expectations to personal accountability while providing one the tools or options that they require in order to really get down to work. She asks the right questions to encourage one to dig deep within, to recognize and practice gratitude daily and to find faith and hope in healing. Also, her unwavering conviction, courage and passion for helping others and spreading the message of recovery inspires me.
— Mandy
Frances is an amazing, caring and thoughtful woman which also makes her a great counsellor. Her understanding nature allows me to feel comfortable to open up to her. At the same time, Frances isn’t afraid to challenge my thinking and open my mind to a new perspective. Even on the toughest days I always leave Frances’ sessions having shared a laugh or smile. I am forever grateful for her continuing help in my recovery as well as helping me become my most authentic self.
— K.L.
The word that comes to mind when I reflect on my time with Frances is ‘perspective’. Not only was Frances able to hear my experience from an open-minded and wise perspective, but she was also able to offer me a new perspective, or viewing point, from which to see my life, my choices and my relationships. I truly believe that I’m a more compassionate woman today thanks to my work with Frances.
— R.G.
Frances has a way when she counsels, I feel safe and comfortable with her. It comes from a place of no judgement and that unconditional love that we all need. She is very understanding and doesn’t come from a shame based approach.
— T.L.
I love working with Frances. She is thoughtful and direct with the members of our group.  She brings a different perspective because she thinks outside the box. She has an ability to help clients see things in a different light, presenting her thoughts in a way that the clients are able to hear her.  I loved co-facilitating with Frances. She is easy to work with while maintaining good boundaries and a high level of professionalism. I am forever grateful to her for all she did for the group and myself.  I learned a lot from Frances about my perspective and seeing things in a bigger picture and brighter light. Thank you!
— Jodi Takhar – Families Do Recover