Wait Until You See Her Now - Nicole's Story

Hi, my name is Nicole and I am a Mother in Recovery.

I grew up in a good, loving home. I had cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who loved me very much. I don’t remember her from wanting for anything but on the other hand I wasn’t spoiled. Summers were spent mostly with  my grandparents going camping and making memories. I always had I need to perform and entertain when I was younger. I enjoyed the attention it got me and I always liked being the star of the show. This constant need for validation carried on into my later life and when I was 12 I found substances and they forever made me feel like I was the star of the show. I found people to hang out with that felt the same way as I did about using and escaping responsibilities.

I became a first-time mom at 19 years old and I had no idea what I was doing. I had already been doing hard drugs for a couple years and was completely lost. I wish I could say that having my son and changed everything but it didn’t and eventually after a year of having him my parents took over the role of caregivers. I was a mother from afar most of the time and would have visits here and there.

When I was 24 I would have my second child a daughter who I thought for sure it would change the script my story. Again drugs and alcohol took over but this time I knew I had to make a change. I wasn’t gonna let the story end like the last one did. I sought out a treatment program and began to get help for the issues that kept me sick for a long time. I regained trust and love with my family and relationships with both my children. My daughter was never actually taken permanently out of my care and I worked at getting her back. It was at this time that I realize that I could not do this alone but I need it a group of other women who knew what I was going through and could relate. I had always been hesitant to letting other women in completely due to trust issues or they’re being some underlying competition.

When I relapsed and came back this time around I know it’s imperative to find my tribe and love them hard and let them love me too. It’s been just over 90 days since I’ve been clean this time and I feel a spiritual shift but I also feel like a brand new person or maybe just like the person I was always meant to be. I know that I wouldn’t be here today sitting where I am feeling the way I do that the love and the support of other Mothers in Recovery.

My new dream is to see what God’s plan is for me. One day at a time, I will get there.

Mother’s Recovery Tribe Society exists to empower mothers on ALL paths of recovery with the strength and courage found in each other. MRT needs financial support to continue to provide and increase access to these critical resources for mothers in recovery from addiction, poverty, relationship breakdown and abuse of any kind. We believe that when you help support one mother recover, you help a whole family heal from the affects of addiction. To reach our goal, we need your help.

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We do recover – but never alone.

Frances Stone is President of Mother’s Recovery Tribe Society and lives her life passionately as an advocate for ALL mothers on ALL pathways of recovery. Frances is a Certified Addictions Counsellor, Author of A Reflection of Love ~ A Different Kind of Love Story and Former Radio Co-Host of Talk Recovery Vancouver, a show about addiction and recovery issues, located in the DTES of Vancouver, BC. Frances Stone’s greatest love and passion is for her three clever, curious and challenging growing tweens & teens!