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Our stories are our gift to the world. I believe there is a personal responsibility to tell our stories and share the lessons we’ve learned through our pain and struggle to try and help another woman struggle a little less.


Everyone has a story and every story is different, that is how such a diverse amount of people can be reached by identifying and relating to our individual paths of recovery.

If you choose to share your story here – THANK YOU – it is an honour to provide this space for connection in recovery. However, it is important that our stories are original, non-fiction and unpublished anywhere on the internet. I also kindly ask that you please respect the traditions of the 12 Step community, by not naming the specific 12 Step fellowship you attend and instead address your specific fellowship in broad terms such as "the rooms/meetings/the program."

Please write respectfully of ALL paths of recovery and share the solutions found in recovery with our readers.

Editing & Sharing

You can share your story anonymously or with permission to use your name and picture.

Please help us out by keeping your submission between 300 - 1,200 words and edit your submission to the best of your ability. Submissions may still be subject to editing by Frances Stone and if you decide to use your name we hope you will share your submission via this website to your social media network(s) to build our community and connections!

Thank you so much for your willingness to share your Recovery Story through this platform. I am excited to change the world with you!

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