the shift

Are you ready to experience THE SHIFT?!

THE SHIFT 90 Day Program is an exciting partnership of creativity and practicality inspired from my personal experience as a woman in long-term recovery, my study and training as a Certified Addictions Counsellor, Self-Published Author and Former Cohost of Talk Recovery Radio. My aim is to utilize these tools, coupled with the student’s honesty, open mind and willingness to engage in the process to facilitate a SHIFT in perspective that supports personal growth. THE SHIFT offers inspiration, direction and a supportive community to uncover WHAT needs to change, WHY it needs to change, HOW you will change it and then offers ongoing support to MAINTAIN THE CHANGE. I am confident THE SHIFT 90 day program can help you move from where you are today, in the direction of where you want to be tomorrow. I want to share the strategies that led me to many of the a-ha! moments, spiritual experiences and epiphanies that helped me SHIFT from my dark – into my light – and to see YOU to do the same.

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What is THE SHIFT?

THE SHIFT is a 90 day program offered online via ZOOM from January 1st – March 31st on Wednesday & Thursday evenings 7 - 9pm. Its intention is to SHIFT your perspective from the problem in your life – to your solution.

THE SHIFT includes an exclusive closed Facebook group for students of THE SHIFT, inspiring weekly assignments, daily encouragement and group support, 20% off private counselling via ZOOM, as well as 13 weeks of original course content to uncover your WHAT, WHY & HOW:

S – Spirituality | Self-Care

H – Helping Others | Helping Yourself

I – Self Awareness | Personal Responsibility

F – Your Future | Hopes. Dreams. Goals.

T – Time: Managing Your Natural Rhythm

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The Student …

‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

I ask that each participant be ready to engage their time and effort into their own process. I can provide the direction, support and necessary tools, but the student MUST provide the desire and the willingness to DO THE WORK.

Doing “the work” does not mean you need to do THE SHIFT 90 day program – perfectly. There is no perfect. The work is to show up to the best of your ability, just as you are and allow the process to unfold naturally.

ie, if that means the student didn’t do the work and feels like a failure, that will be their work to process in the group. I just ask that each client shows up to each class as authentically as possible with the willingness to engage in their own process.


The Investment …

THE SHIFT 90 Day Program is available for A LIMITED TIME ONLY – INTRODUCTORY OFFER of $599 (regular price $997) New Years resolutions are coming folks! I have ONLY 40 spots available at a variety of time slots.

These classes WILL FILL UP because they offer great content with a qualified teacher for a GREAT PRICE! That’s a great deal!

$599 (+GST in Canada) is an extremely low price for this valuable content. I am completely confident THE SHIFT 90 program has the ability to transform thoughts, behaviours and lives.

Is it your time to DO THE WORK?

Space is VERY limited. Sign up today!